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Products and Services

The USAble MCO (managed care organization) is the largest and most comprehensive MCO in Arkansas, serving the healthcare access and medical management needs of employees who file claims under the state Workers' Compensation system. The USAble MCO operates solely as a state-certified managed care organization for Workers' Compensation and not as an insurer or third-party administrator.

Extensive Network

The USAble MCO, operated by USAble Corporation, contracts directly with employers and Workers' Compensation carriers. More than 650,000 employees access the True Blue PPO when a work injury needs medical attention. Services provided include not only medical/vocational case management, preadmission certification and utilization review, but also access to the largest provider network in Arkansas, True Blue PPO preferred provider organization (PPO), with more than 40,000 participating providers. Access to the PPO assures employers and insurers that they receive the most care for the dollar. Participating PPO providers agree to render significant savings for a stable volume of patients. Savings are passed on to the insurer and employer.

Medical Management Services

Medical management expertise is provided through an alliance with Systemedic (an Arkansas managed care firm). The specialized knowledge provided by this partner allows the USAble MCO to keep a watchful eye on the medical effectiveness and cost-efficiency of the care that sick and injured workers receive. Employers and insurers that contract with the USAble MCO for their Workers' Compensation needs are able to meet Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission Rule 30 and 33 requirements. Meeting such requirements assures employers and insurers that they can legally steer employees to employer-chosen providers.